The Website Ahead Contains Malware! Google Chrome has blocked access.

Help! My website won’t open and I see a message that says: The Website Ahead Contains Malware.

The Website Ahead Contains Malware! Google Chrome has blocked accessGoogle Chrome uses their  Safe Browsing technology to warn you if the site you’re trying to visit is suspected of phishing or malware.

The Chrome warning says “The website ahead contains Malware!” every time it identifies that the web site you are trying to visit possesses security risks. This warning is to prevent a visitor from entering a harmful website.

Keep in mind that the warning is only a preventive measure applied by Google Chrome. It will not protect your computer from malware in case you proceed in viewing the blocked web site. Thus, if you bump into “The website ahead contains Malware!” alert page, immediately cease from browsing the site. It may contain harmful code that can lead to virus infection.

Yes, we can help.

Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in older versions of software. Make sure all of your software, web content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla, themes, templates, plugins, patches and other customizations are updated to the latest versions.


  • Google Chrome
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Joomla

Time it took to solve this problem:  1 hour

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